Movie: An Interview with Liam

Stretching a little more into movie making, this time with a short documentary-style project with Liam. If the movie doesn’t show above, you can hit this link.

My plan is to do more of these experiments and create one for each of the kids.

Big K is 16


This week we celebrated Kieran’s 16th birthday.

On Saturday, Big K had some friends over for Ethiopian food and a movie. This was the first time any of them had tasted Ethiopian dishes but they all enjoyed them.

The other Gowin kids decorated Kieran’s room with paper chains–they used a lot of green, I think, because his birthday is so close to St. Patrick’s Day. He also had dinner out at our favorite restaurant with a cow out front and then Skyped with a friend… somewhere.

It’s strange to think of having a 16-year-old in our house. We don’t have just “little kids” any more. We’ve turned a corner.




Video: “Old Stuff”


And now for something a little different.

It’s spring break for me (Michael) this week and I wanted to get out of the teaching routine, stretch my legs a bit. So I decided to make a short film about old things in and around our house.

Have a look. And watch until the end–there’s a punchline.