A Fun Game: “In My Mind I Just…”

Erin (our almost 14-year-old) and I have been playing this game lately we’re calling “In My Mind.”

It usually starts with a conversation between us that may be just a little “off.” For example, Erin’s telling me about some bit of her day at school and I start to space out a little, envisioning the story taking a different direction. Or maybe I just get distracted and see myself doing something completely unexpected and extreme while she’s telling the story. So I tell her, “In my mind, I just plowed into you like Hobbes when Calvin gets home from school.”

HobbesPouncesErin might then respond by saying, “In my mind I just watched you walk into the kitchen but I was hiding behind the door and I smashed it into you and you fell down and cried.”

Interestingly, a lot of her “in my mind” vignettes end up with me injured and crying. Not sure what that says about me, her, or how she perceives our relationship…

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