Have you heard of the KissesfromKatie blog?

I’m a “blogger” today. What does that mean? At our house it means that part of my morning is spent on the computer, taking care of emails, paying bills, ordering Christmas gifts, and usually getting distracted by some African/adoption blogs…… 🙂 All while still in my pj’s!! But I found this blog and it is worth sharing: http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/. Katie is a beautiful 21-year-old American lady living in Uganda, caring for the poor. She has 14 children living with her. She is a modern day Mother Theresa, though she seems too humble to want to be compared to her. She is raw and honest about her feelings, and yet is always brought back to the fact that God is full of grace and mercy and has called EVERYONE to care for the poor and lonely, wherever they are. Please check out her blog–you won’t be disappointed, but bring your tissues.

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