IL approved!

We received an email today that the state of IL has approved our home study! This time it only took a couple weeks, including the holidays! We will be out of town this week, and our copy of the home study will arrive in the mail while we are gone. But when we return, we will send our paperwork on to USCIS in TX (immigration). That may take a couple months, and after that our dossier (all of our recent paperwork plus some more we have already collected) goes to DC for about a week and then off to Ethiopia! We are on our way and so excited!! Also excited to see how God is going to provide the funds for all this…… 🙂 He has a plan!

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  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Congratulations on your home study approval! We were in class together a few months ago at the Baby Fold. We too were approved by the state of IL and our adoption agency as of 11/9/09. It is all so exciting! We sent our I600A to TX on 12/14/09 and our approval was waiting with our mail when we returned from Christmas on 12/29/09. Hopefully your turn around will be quick too! Now we wait for our fingerprinting appointment in Naperville and then we will receive our final 171-H approval. We are still working on our dossier as well.

    Great to hear your update. Please keep in touch!

    Dana Weber

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