How to Help Haiti

As Suzanne noted yesterday, we’ve both been to Haiti before and have seen for ourselves the poverty before this week’s devastating earthquake.  As we’re all seeing now, the people of Haiti are now faced with unimaginable conditions and many people, thankfully, are eager to help.  Since so many organizations–both good and bad–will make use of our contributions, how can you help?  Here are three responsible and credible organizations we’d feel confident giving our money.

Red Cross – The American Red Cross is well-established in the disaster relief community.  If you own a cell phone (and who doesn’t?), you can easily donate $10 by texting haiti to 90999.  As of 6:00 AM today, the Red Cross reported via twitter that nearly $3M had been raised through the texting campaign.

World VisionWorld Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization in locations around the globe, including Haiti.  Suzanne and I have supported the work of World Vision for over 13 years and have complete confidence in its leadership and mission. They’ve provided a quick link on their home page for donations to help the people in Haiti.

IDES – Founded in 1973, International Disaster Emergency Services is another well-respected Christian organization that brings desperately-needed food, water, and services to hurting people around the world.  Our local church has partnered with IDES for two decades and we highly recommend them.

Please support and continue to pray for the wounded and dying in Haiti.  This impoverished country faced many challenges before the disaster; it is difficult to imagine how they will recover.


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