Care package #2

We have the opportunity to send care packages in ziploc bags to our kids through other adoptive parents who are traveling to Ethiopia.  This time I went through our baby tubs stored in the basement and pulled out some of our favorite outfits and toys to send to little brother and sister.

The extra special part of this delivery was the deliverers!  Ryan Mott offered to take the packages with him when he left to join Deanne and their girls in Ethiopia.  They are all flying home to IL now as I type!!  Everyone is anxious to meet Fikerta and Kongit in person and I am sure they are all going to be glad to be HOME!  You can follow their family blog as well.  We were blessed to have them love on our kids while they were there, and we are excited to see all the pictures they took of our cuties and hear about all their experiences!  Blessings and safe travels, Mott Family!

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