Embassy Passed, Travel Docs in Hand, Ethiopian Christmas

Yesterday we announced on facebook that we’d passed embassy. After clearing security at the embassy, we and three other AWAA families had a short wait then met one-by-one with the official who handles adoption cases. Suz, Erin, and I raised our right hands and swore that our responses to his questions would be true, then were asked a few questions about ourselves and Aidan and Eva. The interview took only a few minutes and the final step of our adoption journey was complete. Today, the AWAA staff visited the embassy to pick up the passports and immigration documents for the children and delivered them to us at the guest house. We are, as the kids say, “good to go.” We’ve got a few days left before our departure, though, so we’ll visit some nearby special places and report on those as we’re able.

And, as it so happens, tomorrow is Christmas in Ethiopia so tonight we visited the transition home for a big Christmas Eve party. Although we can’t post photos of the kids, we had a terrific time. We and some of the other families brought fun items specifically for the party: Santa hats, Micky Mouse ears, flashing Christmas lights, decorations, and gifts for the kids. The 40-ish kids there played games, sang songs, visited with Santa, and performed the best Christmas pageant we’d ever seen—it was even done in English! We were so grateful to have been here for this—it was a wonderful blessing to celebrate Christmas Eve with the kids and staff.

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  1. Erin’s doing great, Lindy: sleep is mostly back on schedule and she’s eating well. Thanks for asking.

  2. O Man!!! What an amazing celebration! Looks like it was sooooo much fun!!!! Love the pictures! Who was Santa?

  3. How wonderful to be there for the Christmas celebration! Priceless! Glad to hear Erin is feeling better. Enjoy your last few days and safe travels HOME!!!! Blessings to you all!

  4. It was, indeed, a lot of fun. No snow, of course, but fun. Didn’t recognize Santa–no one on staff here whom I’d met before.

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