Traveling Light

All of Kieran's stuff

Suzanne, Liam, and I arrived in Ethiopia yesterday morning to bring Kieran to our home in Illinois. After dropping our bags at the guest house, we drove to the transition home where Kieran has lived for the last few months. The eight hour time difference between Lincoln and Addis Ababa is proving rough for Liam: he fell asleep on the table at lunch. Right now, at 3:00 AM local time, he and I are up reading and writing.

We’ll have more details to share in the days ahead. For now, this:

Every valuable material thing Kieran has with him fit into the small bag photographed above.

His backpack is a metaphor and a lesson for me.

Many more, however, are the memories of his father, his brothers and sisters, his friends, the life he’s known in Ethiopia that Kieran carries deep in his heart. Days of loss and grieving lie before us. We would not expect otherwise.

But it’s our prayer that God is in this journey with all of us and that He will make all things new.

So what was I reading before I started writing this morning?

Matthew 25.

Thanks to all of you who help care for the least. Travel light, friends.

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