Court update 2

We’re still waiting.

In order for our case to proceed to the next step, the ministry of women’s affairs (MOWA) needs to submit a recommendation letter to the court here. As I mentioned yesterday, this should have been in our file prior to our court date. The AWAA staff has learned, though, that MOWA is backlogged with adoption cases and claims they don’t have time to write the letter. The judge has affirmed that we have been approved to adopt pending receipt of the MOWA letter. The AWAA coordinator will continue to advocate for us but, for now, MOWA has stated that they will submit the letter by November 27. This would push our embassy date to late December or early January; we’d prefer an early December date.

How you can help: please pray with us that MOWA will get our letter submitted sooner rather than later, if indeed that is God’s timing.

As for the rest of our day, this morning we visited two orphanages, Kingdom Vision International and Kids Care, that partner with AWAA. Each orphanage cares for about 40 children, most of whom have come to Addis Ababa from southern Ethiopia. Severe poverty is a constant problem in the region and parents are simply unable to support their children. We came loaded with donations of baby blankets, cloth diapers, formula, and bedding. Other families brought things for the kids to play with–balloons, inflatable beach balls, and soap bubbles. The kids enjoyed the attention and gifts and the nannies appreciated the donations. Below is a photo of one of the workers at the Kids Care.

This afternoon we were back at the transition home to spend time with Aidan and Eva. Eva has had a chest cold the last several days but has still been pleasant and smiley. Pray that she’ll get over the cold quickly. Aidan and I played a matching card game with several of his friends for over an hour–they all had a great time.

We likely won’t have any further news on the MOWA letter until Monday, and we’ll be flying home on Monday night. Thanks again for your prayers.

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  1. You know my thoughts of MOWA… We will pray for no other complications and for a peace that surpasses understanding. We love you all!

  2. WOW. Awesome that you are having such quality time with your kiddos! BUMMER that MOWA is holding things up! Thankfully, NOTHING can hinder God’s plan, so we join you in praying that the paper is completed earlier than November 27th, if it be His will! Safe travels home, and may your “see you later” with Aidan and Eva go as well as it can! You and your family are in my heart!

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