Saturday in Addis Ababa

Today’s schedule was somewhat lighter than the past few days. We spent some time at the transition home with the kids this morning. Eva slept on me most of the time while Suzanne and Aidan played soccer and painted with watercolors. He also loves to hang upside down on the jungle gym in the yard.

After lunch, we drove up Entoto Mountain with two of the other families. Entoto Mountain overlooks Addis Ababa and features St. Mary’s church and a palace built by King Menelik II in the late 19th century. Along the mountain road, women carried bundles of eucalyptus branches on their backs to sell at the market at the base of the mountain. The wood is sold for firewood. After they’ve sold their stock, they buy supplies and then head back up the mountain. Below is a photo of our group outside the palace and Suzanne and I in front of the church.

This evening we had dinner at the guest house with our friends. The guest house has a patio on the roof from which the surrounding neighborhoods can be seen. Just to the east is a street which we’ve nicknamed the Fashion District (one other dad here called it the Mannequin Graveyard): nearly every shop sells some manner of clothing items, and there are a few restaurants, cafes, medicine shops, and other stores as well. Right across the street is a kindergarten and the KVI orphanage which we visited yesterday is just around the corner. Interspersed throughout are homes, some well built and surrounded by walls and gates, others simple corrugated metal shacks. The city itself is surrounded by mountains. The two images below show a view to the east of the guest house and then another at sunset across the rooftops to the west.

Tomorrow we’re attending church services here in Addis. Appropriately, it happens to be Orphan Sunday. Our agency, America World Adoption Agency, is asking Christians to pray that God will continue to:

  1. Protect orphans around the world and shower them with grace and mercy.
  2. Move on the hearts of families to adopt and be actively involved in bringing hope to the fatherless.
  3. Raise up advocates on behalf of vulnerable children.

Would you join us in this effort?

If you happen to be in or near Lincoln tonight, consider attending the Adoption Rocks Coffee House at Jefferson Street Christian Church at 7:00 PM. Plan on an evening of music, good coffee, and an opportunity to celebrate the blessing of adoption.

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  1. We are praying for you. I know God sees you as he sees us all. We are praying that God will see the paper and send it along the way.

  2. Hey My Brother,

    I will be mentioning you at our Bible study. We’ll be praying for a quick response on your letter.


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